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‘This book is terrible. it makes me look like a right prick.’ Prince Charming


‘A real wake-up call.’  Sleeping Beauty


‘No no no no!’ The Brothers Grimm



Revisit childhood classics, but not as you remember them. Familiar fables are turned on their heads as your beloved heroines finally have their say.


The Princess and the Prick is in its third print run with HQ Stories (Harper Collins)!

Paperback out on 14th December 2023.



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‘Awesome Read That Made Me Laugh Out Loud.’ review

‘Darkly funny’ review

‘To the point in the best way possible!’ review

‘An enjoyable read that will change how you think about fairy tales forever!’ review

‘Revelatory! The book for feminists, their partners and their children.’ review


‘A poisonous apple of a book. Don’t eat it!’ Evil Stepmother

‘Terrible waste of money’


Under the pseudonym of Walburga Appleseed, I write microfiction and flash fiction. To read some of my flash fiction, visit Walburga Appleseed's website here: