Fresh Air Kids with Melinda Schoutens


Nature is a powerful and necessary element in the lives of our children.’


I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Melinda Schoutens, co-author of the fantastic Fresh Air Kids Switzerland book series. All images are supplied by Melinda. Here we go!


Hey Melinda, tell me about yourself!

I am an American who moved with my husband to Switzerland in 2007. We...

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Good Night, Switzerland: A homesick project


Goodnight Switzerland: a homesick project



Here is the sun going down

and here are the children,

ready for bed…


I have lived abro...

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’50 Amazing Swiss Women’ is out! And Interviews, interviews, interviews


Our book is out exactly 50 years after Swiss women finally got the vote! Hurrah! And isn’t it beautiful?

You can watch the book trailer here:

But why did it take so long for women to get the vote in Switzerland in the first time? Find out on BBC Radio Wales, where I was interviewed on this question together with Dr. Christa Tobler:

  • 43 minutes in:...

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50 Amazing Swiss Women – stories you should know about


50 Amazing Swiss Women – stories you should know about

50 sensationelle Schweizerinnen

50 Suissesses sensationnelles

for anyone 8+

Hello Folks,

I have been busy over the past couple of months, researching and writing true stories about AMAZING Swiss women, present and past, together with my co-authors Laurie Theurer, Katie Hayoz, Alnaaze Nathoo, and Barbara Nigg. It&rsquo...

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Easter Egg fun with natural dye


This is my all-time favourite Easter activity that I won’t ever skip. I’ve decorated eggs like this ever since I was a little child with my Mum in Switzerland, and I love the deep red tones of these eggs so much more than any more brightly coloured ones. And no matter how careful you are when “wrapping” them up, the result is ALWAYS a surprise. Kids love doing this.

Once you’re done, you won’t only...

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It’s cover reveal time!


I’m so very excited to share the gorgeous cover for Slobber Slobber Kiss Kiss, my forthcoming picture book with Helvetiq out in September 2019…and…drum rolls…here it is:

The German version for Slobber Slobber Kiss Kiss: Sabber Schlabber Kussi Bussi

And here comes the French version. Very aptly translated as: Slurp Slurp Smack Smack!


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Le Temps interview


An interview about Geneva’s history in Le Temps today (in French):


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Elephant Inspiration


A child’s drawing from…waaaayyy back!

The cover of Zanna and the Something! 2019

As I was tidying my desk today, I came across this little gem. Many years ago, I was part of a group of writers reading their works in progress to a roomful of children at the Library in English in Geneva. I read my then unpublished, unillustrated manuscript “The Elephant in the Room”, and then asked the children to draw the illustrations for it… This was the story that would eventually become “Zanna and the Something” – which is published next week at the Festival du Livre Jeunesse in Yverdon. One of the children gave me her illustration to keep – and...

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On Synchronicity


As an inherently social person, I have often struggled with the loneliness of a writer’s life. But recently I learned that writing doesn’t have to be lonely. It doesn’t have to be slow, hard and painful. It doesn’t have to just be me chatting to my imaginary characters in my head, and oc...

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Slobber Slobber Kiss Kiss – we have a winner!


We have a winner!

The winner was announced at Helvetiq’s stand at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2019, where Switzerland was the guest of honour.

Kasia Fryza from Poland will illustrate SLOBBER SLOBBER KISS KISS – out with Helvetiq in autumn 2019! I’m very happy and excited about this collaboration!

Find out more about Kasia and her beautiful work here:

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Buy a card and get a book!



– Now available

Look how pretty they are:

The brand new Red Hot Fireball greeting cards/books are ready to blast into your letterboxes – just in time for Christmas.

The Red Hot Fireball is a bi-lingual, interactive story for children aged 3+. Think kindle app for children, with gorgeous pictures which move when touched.

You can read the story in English or French, and/or listen to it in either language, too.

The Story:...

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Slobber Slobber Kiss Kiss


I have just signed my third publishing contract. My picture book, Slobber Slobber Kiss Kiss, will be published by Swiss publisher Helvetiq in autumn 2019. Hurrah!

What’s more, my story is the subject of an international Illustration Competition. The winner will be announced and showcased at Bologna Book Fair 2019, where Switzerland is the country of honour – to learn more about the publisher and/or the competition, please visit:

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