The Geneva Chronicles

An Illustrated History as told by Allo the Allobroges and his Horse

'a litterary gem' (Boutdelivre_kids, Instagram)
'Indispensable' (FNAC Genève)
'Ludiques et inspirées' (Tribune de Genève, 9.6.2022)

Published: 4/1/2022

Tsunamis on lake Geneva. Dark Matter at CERN. Peacocks in the park. Naughty dukes, vegetable soup, chocolate marmites. And MORE.

Allo the Allobrogian has been buried underneath Geneva Cathedral for over 2000 years, and he has seen it all. Let him tell you true stories from Geneva's history, featuring, among others, Julius Caesar, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (the spotty youth), Germaine de Staël, and Voltaire and his monkey.

All in one wonderful book illustrated by Genevan comic legend Pierre Wazem

Published by Bergli Books

Praise for The Geneva Chronicles

'Ludiques et inspirées' Tribune de Genève

'Un manuel richement illustré rapporte quelques grands moments de la Cité de Calvin' (Le Temps)

'Un véritable coup de coeur!' (boutdelivres_kids)

'A really nice book for families who would like to explore Geneva and learn about its history at the same time!' (Let's Explore Geneva)


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